Going Beyond

I used the lockdown period to rethink my career path and have since been fortunate enough to turn my passion into a thriving profession. I’ve been working as a qualified Personal Trainer, Exercise Referral Instructor and Sports Massage Therapist in the Huntingdon area, guiding my clients towards a healthier lifestyle. Together we will construct a plan and training schedule according to your fitness experience and needs that will lead to results. 

I have worked with a diverse group of clients and understand that each individual is unique in both their goals and lifestyle habits, as should be my approach to training them. I want to be able to help people. I hope to inspire in others the same passion and enjoyment that I get from training. Offer people an outlet, advice, help, motivation. To reach their goals, exceed their goals, and their expectations. To find a sport or exercise they love, to surprise themselves, challenge themselves and maybe even fall in love with the process.